From the Managing Director’s Desk

“Ethics, equity and the principles of justice are the pillars of a prosperous organization”

It is a matter of pride to be a part of an organization that has strong roots in Honesty, Customer Enrichment, Empowerment of Employees, Financial Strength, and Operational Excellence. The Stakeholders are ever so willing to augment their support to this organization in which they can repose their absolute trust, which can only be made possible through ethical and effective governance practices of the organization.

In today’s free and diverse environment, the core values of the organization are imperative to be ingrained amongst all through an effective system of Good Governance. Our organization is a responsible corporate citizen and is committed to make valuable contributions to the economic development of Nigeria, it also earnestly respects and follows the culture, customs, traditions, and laws of the country and the region.

The organization shall not undertake or indulge in any activity which acts as a hindrance to the social and economic development of the country and shall always abide by the laws of the land. NOFSL is governed by its Code of Conduct and various Policies which act as the guiding lights when various business decisions are being taken.

The Company is responsible for taking forward the legacy of this code and its policies, exercise good judgment when needed, and to adhere to them always in true letter and spirit.

Dr. Anthony Onuegbu Chukwueke

Managing Director

Natural Oilfield Services Limited (NOFSL) is an indigenous integrated oil and gas company,  engaged in the entire spectrum of upstream activities involving exploration, appraisal, development, production, processing, and evacuation of Oil and Gas in Nigeria. NOFSL has been successfully co-operating Nigeria’s one of the most coveted, resource rich and  significant oil and gas blocks viz., Oil Mining Lease 13 in association with Nigerian Petroleum Development Company Ltd (NPDC), a group company of Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation (NNPC).

The Company is presently implementing a major technological upgradation and modernization programme for further enhancement and optimisation of the operational efficiency of its oil and gas operations and also for enhancing quality, health, safety and environmental aspects at the workplaces. The company has taken up a pledge to adopt the Government of Nigeria’s Zero Gas Flaring Policy.

NOFSL is also providing exploration, development and production services for the OML146 asset.

NOFSL is leading through innovation, ingenuity, and unmatched executional excellence to responsibly meet the great demand in Nigeria as well as across the world for hydrocarbons as the most reliable and important energy source. The Company is led and guided by a niche team of visionary business leaders with proven and highly successful entrepreneurial track record. It is driven by a team of well qualified, experienced and spirited professionals, specialists and technical experts. It is committed to operational excellence, most efficient and effective management of capital and other financial resources, and long-term value for its customers, business partners, employees, government, host communities, society and other stakeholders, with the highest levels of concerns for quality, health, safety and environmental factors.

To be the Supreme Hydrocarbon Indigenous Multinational for the Harmonious Advancement.

To serve with the best practice of exploration and production for the enhancement of sustainable growth with the Stakeholders’ value.

  • To cope up with Nigeria’s Energy needs and contribute to the overall economic development.
  • Improve operational performance and achieve sustainable profitable growth.
  • Expand to new markets and enhance competitive positioning by leveraging supply chain strengths and brand image.
  • To create employment opportunities and accelerate community development.

Our values are embedded in the letter and spirit within the Code.


  • Working together by sharing ownership, responsibilities, and outcome.


  • Being honest, truthful, reliable, and fair while dealing with all stakeholders.


  • Being open, straightforward, and consistent in all we do, by communicating with clarity, simplicity, and precision.


  • Acknowledge, recognize, and value all stakeholders.

Nation focus:

  • Position Nation first in all that we do.